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EXIF: Exchangeable Image File Format



EXIF, the Exchangeable Image File Format, is a specification standard for storing information within digital image files. EXIF was created by the Japan Electronic Industries Development Association (JEIDA).

EXIF data is captured by most digital cameras, and the EXIF file is embedded within each digital image file. There are hundreds of EXIF file lines available, and the most commonly used include camera model, date and time, exposure, focal length, F/Stop, ISO speed, flash/no flash.

If a camera or one of its accessory attachments is able to capture and store global positioning system (GPS) data, the exact GPS coordinates of the photo are captured in the EXIF "GPSInfo" line. Sub-tags within the GPSInfo line include latitude, longitude, altitude, time/date, speed, and bearing. Capture and storage of GPS data in a digital image or within map data is called "geotagging" or geocoding.

Also Known As: Exchangeable Image File Format
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