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Multi-touch Display


Multi-touch display

Multi-touch display

Apple, Inc.

A multi-touch display (MTD) senses the location, relative position, and change in position of two or more fingertips. Multi-touch is most commonly enabled in capacitive touchscreens, but may be available with other types of displays.

Multi-touch permits direct manipulation of objects, such as maps and images. For example, pinching the fingers together on a map or image will shrink the image size. Multi-touch is heavily used by Apple on its devices, such as the iPhone and iPod, but multi-touch has a long history, and is being used by Microsoft, HP, 3M, and many other companies.

Multi-touch is evolving to include advanced manipulation of objects on screens across a wide range of sizes, the use of full hands and complex gestures.

Also Known As: Multitouch, MTD
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