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GPS Basics

GPS technology has found its way into a wide variety of consumer products that can help you in your travels for business or pleasure. Which type of GPS unit is right for you? What features are available? Once you know the class of product that will best suit your needs, and the features offered, you will be well-prepared to shop and compare.

How to Find Your Location History By Google Maps or iPhone

Air and Space 'Time and Navigation' Exhibit
The "Time and Navigation" exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. showcases the history of man's quest for accurate navigation.

GPS on the iPhone
Your iPhone comes with a built-in GPS chip. Here is how to make the most of GPS on the iPhone

GPS and Location-Based Features of iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad
Apple's iOS 6 operating system for iPhone and iPad uses GPS and location-based features more than any previous version. Learn the details of GPS for iPhone.

For Best Navigation, Use Car GPS and a Smartphone Together
You can get a good turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for your iPhone, but pair your phone with a dedicated car GPS for the best directions.

GPS Coordinates
GPS coordinates: what they are, how to get them, and what to do with them.

How GPS Tracking Works
There are many forms of GPS tracking available to consumers today. Here's how they work and the pros and cons of the full range of tracking options.

iPhone GPS - Making the Most of the iPhone's and Siri's Travel Features
How to make the most of the iPhone's GPS and navigation features on your next road trip.

How to Use the Apple iPhone's GPS and Location Services
How to use the Apple iPhone's assisted-GPS and location services.

iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone GPS
Here are the latest GPS and navigation options for iOS devices, including the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Manage Your iPhone's GPS and Location Features
The iPhone includes powerful GPS and location features, but they can sacrifice your privacy (and drain your iPhone battery) if you don't know how to manage them. Here's how to manage iPhone GPS.

GPS Screen Sizes
Automotive GPS devices come with screens varying from 3.5 inches (diagonal) all the way to 7 inches. Select the right GPS screen size for your needs.

Phone GPS - Making the Most of Your Smartphone's GPS Capability
Most mobile phones made today include built-in GPS chips. Here's how to select the right phone GPS for you and make the most of smartphone GPS apps.

Smartphone Vs. Car GPS Navigation
Which is better for navigation - a smartphone, or a dedicated car GPS? How about both!

Replace a Garmin Sports GPS Device's Heart Rate Strap Battery
How to replace a Garmin sports GPS device's heart rate strap battery.

How and Why to Use Car GPS 'Favorites' Features
How and why to use the "favorites" destination feature of your car GPS navigation device.

You Just Got a Dedicated GPS Device or Smartphone... Now What?
You've just received a dedicated GPS device or smartphone as a gift. Here's how to make the most of your new device and follow best setup procedures.

Obtain, Download, and Install Custom Points of Interest (POIs) in a Garmin GPS
How to obtain, download, and install custom points-of-interest (POIs) into your Garmin car GPS.

Rules Surrounding the Use of Smartphone Golf GPS Devices
Clarifying the USGA and R&A's 2009 joint statement on the use of smartphone, iPhone, BlackBerry GPS devices in competition.

Enabling Bluetooth GPS for Hands-free Calling
How to use a Bluetooth GPS to enable hands-free, speaker-assisted calling while in your car. Latest technology, Bluetooth GPS models, and how-to.

Smartphone Vs. Dedicated Car GPS (PND)
Should you go with a smartphone GPS for turn-by-turn car navigation, or a dedicated GPS (PND) such as a Garmin or TomTom? Five factors to help you decide.

Preventing GPS Theft: Don't Become a Victim
More than 25,000 GPS devices are stolen from vehicles each year. Follow these steps to prevent GPS theft.

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Get Latitude and Longitude Coordinates from Google Maps
Google Maps does not include a menu option for obtaining latitude and longitude coordinates. Here are the two best ways to easily get coordinates of a location.

How to Install and Use 'Find my iPhone'
Step-by-step how-to on installing and using the Find my iPhone feature for the iPhone3G and iPhone 3GS

Six Ways GPS Can Help Make Your Vacation Great
A GPS can help you make the most of your vacation time, whether you're planning a trip, or out on the road. Here's how.

How to Make the Most of Your GPS
How to get the most from your car, handheld, fitness or smartphone GPS.

How to Use Golf GPS to Improve Your Game
A golf GPS will cut strokes from your game, speed play, and help you start and play through each hole with an evolving target plan.

Overview of Automotive GPS devices
Sales of aftermarket in-car GPS devices have more than doubled over the past two years, and automotive is the fastest-growing segment of the GPS market. Why? Better and brighter color screens, improved accuracy and usability of maps and directions, added features such as traffic alerts, the ability to wirelessly link a mobile phone to an in-car unit to get hands-free mobile speaker-phone use… all of these reasons and more.

You Just Got an In-car GPS... Now What?
You just got an in-car GPS navigator. Here are some tips for quick setup, safety, and getting the most from your GPS.

Handheld GPS Overview
Handheld GPS units have dramatically changed outdoors travel, replacing map and compass with moving digital maps, and precise location, elevation, topographic and other data.

Sports & Fitness GPS Overview
GPS products for cycling and running provide a great way to track and record your workouts.

Boating GPS Overview
Marine GPS devices are a pleasure to use, and dramatically enhance all-weather, all-light-condition safety

Aviation Portable GPS Overview
Portable aviation units offer intuitive, moving-map views with navigation overlays, providing a great supplement to a plane's instrumentation.

How-to: Using Your In-car GPS for Hands-free Mobile Phone Calling
How-to: Using Your In-car GPS for Hands-free Mobile Phone Calling

How to Use Your Car GPS in Pedestrian Mode
How to use your car GPS in pedestrian or walking mode.

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