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Mobile Phone GPS

Product reviews of GPS-driven mobile phone applicatons and mobile phone GPS.

Google Maps App Version 2.0: New Explore Option and More
We review, road-test and star-rate the Google Maps app version 2.0 for iPhone and Android.

Review: Google Maps for iPhone - Maps and GPS Navigation
We review, road test, and star-rate the Google Maps app for iPhone. Comparison with other maps and GPS navigation apps for the iPhone.

Review: Maps App Turn-by-Turn Navigation for the iPhone
We road test, star-rate, and review the turn-by-turn directions capabilities of Apple's iOS 6 Maps app for the iPhone 5 and other iPhones.

New Mapping, GPS, and Turn-by-Turn Features of the iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 is here, along with the iOS 6 operating system, a new map app, new maps, and free turn-by-turn directions. Read on for more on GPS and navigation with the iPhone 5.

Turn-by-Turn GPS Directions, Traffic, Coming to iPhone with iOS 6
The iPhone is a great device that had a glaring omission - no free turn-by-turn directions with its GPS functionality. All that has changed with the iOS6 operating system.

Best Hiking GPS Apps
We review and rate the five best GPS apps for hiking, backpacking, trails, and parks. Makers include Trimble, MotionX, National Geographic, and more.

Columbia GPS Pal App Review
We field test, review and star-rate the Columbia GPS Pal iPhone app. Track, store, and share route, distance, time, map, and more.

Select the Right iPhone, Android GPS App For Your Needs
There are many turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps on the market. Here's how to select the right one for your needs.

Five Best Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android
We sort through the many fitness apps for iPhone and Android, and review the five best apps for your consideration.

iPhone 4S GPS User Answers
What's your favorite iPhone 4S GPS feature. What additional apps or features would you like to see in the iPhone?

Getting the Most from Siri for Navigation, GPS, and Location-based Services
The Siri app integrated into iPhone 4S includes many GPS, navigation, and location-based features. Here's how to make the most of Siri's location and navigation features.

Top Ten iPhone GPS Navigation Apps
We rate and review the top ten GPS navigation apps for iPhone. iPhone navigation apps can provide turn-by-turn directions for driving and for walking. See details and compare app features.

Review: Garmin Fit App for iPhone and Android
We road test, star-rate, and review the Garmin Fit GPS sports and fitness app for the iPhone, plus the ANT+ adaptor for heart rate monitor and cadence.

iPhone Charging Car Mounts User Answers
User feedback on top charging car mounts for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Top Five Charging Car Mounts for iPhone
We review the latest car mounts for the iPhone. Find the best charging iPhone car mount for your navigation and music needs.

National Geographic Trail Maps iPhone App Review
We field test, review, and start-rate the National Geographic Trail Maps app for iPhone. Pre-download topographic maps for iPhone.

Parkbud Shows You the Way to Your Car, Tracks Parking Meter, Shows Parking Sites
We road test, review, and star-rate the Parkbud iPhone parking assistant app review. Parkbud helps you find your car, and shows parking locations.

Review: Localscope Navigation and Location Services App for iPhone and iOS
Hands-on review and star-rating of the Localscope navigation and location services app for the iPhone and other iOS devices.

TeleNav GPS iPhone App Review
We road test review the TeleNav GPS iPhone app. Strengths and weaknesses of the TeleNav GPS app.

Garmin StreetPilot iPhone App Review - Road Testing StreetPilot
We road test, review, and rate the Garmin StreetPilot iPhone GPS navigation app. Find out if the Garmin StreetPilot GPS iPhone app is right for you.

Digifit: Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Apps for iPhone
Testing and rating the Digifit fitness apps and iPhone hardware, including a wireless heart rate monitor.

Apple iPhone on Verizon Wireless - GPS and Navigation Features and Applications
GPS and navigation features of the Apple iPhone 4 on Verizon wireless. How iPhone compares with other GPS and navigation options on Verizon.

Fodor's Travel Apps for iPhone
Hands-on review of the Fodor's Travel App for iPhone.

GPS Mobile Devices: YourBest Mobile GPS Options
We test, rate, and review all of the latest GPS mobile devices and services. Find you best GPS mobile options.

Adidas miCoach
We road test, rate, and review the Adidas miCoach GPS fitness and training app for the iPhone. The miCoach app provides personal training features in a free app.

iPod Touch GPS: Using the Touch for Navigation and Maps
The latest version (2011) of Apple's iPod Touch doesn't come with a built-in GPS chip, but you can get GPS to work on a Touch, and do other mapping and navigation tasks.

Garmin's Nuvifone A50 is a Sleek Navigator
Images and features of the Garmin nuvifone A50 GPS smartphone

First Drive - TomTom Car Kit Windshield Mount
We test drive the TomTom Car Kit windshield mount with the TomTom for iPhone GPS navigation app.

MotionX GPS Drive: Economical Turn-by-Turn Navigator for the iPhone
Road test, review, and rating of MotionX GPS Drive navigation app for the iPhone.

Three Best Golf GPS Apps for the BlackBerry
We test, rate, and review the top three golf GPS apps for the BlackBerry.

iPhone GPS Turn-by-turn Navigation Apps Compared
We compare the four most popular iPhone GPS navigation apps feature-for-feature, including TomTom, AT&T, Navigon, and Gokivo.

TomTom for iPhone Review: Competent, but Disappointing
We road test, rate, and review the TomTom for iPhone GPS turn-by-turn navigator and its windshield mount.

Golfshot for iPhone an Excellent All-around Golf Rangefinder App
We play, rate and review GolfShot GPS rangefinder for iPhone. This app includes nice scorecard features and graphics for your stats.

AT&T Navigator Brings Turn-by-turn Directions and More to the iPhone
We rolled up hundreds of miles on the AT&T Navigator turn-by-turn GPS for iPhone for this in-depth review, rating, and feature comparison.

Best Smartphone Apps for Vacation Travel
A GPS-enabled smartphone is great for helping you make the most of your vacation time. Try these apps and sites.

Cell Phone Tracking is Easy (and Legal) With AT&T FamilyMap
Cell phone tracking is legal with a service such as AT&T's FamilyMap. We test, rate, and review FamilyMap.

Cell Phone GPS: Tracking and Other Cell Phone GPS Services
Cell phones across an increasingly wide price range come with built in GPS chips. Here's an overview of cell phone GPS capabilities and services.

iPhone GPS Apps - Favorite iPhone GPS Navigation
About.com users reveal their favorite GPS and navigation apps for the Apple iPhone3G.

MotionX Turns iPhone3G Into Full-featured GPS Navigator
We field test, review, and rate the MotionX iPhone GPS app by Fullpower.

AAA Mobile Puts Quality Turn-by-Turn Navigation on Smartphones
AAA Mobile offers quality, turn-by-turn navigation with voice prompts, plus its deep database of points of interest for smartphones.

Mobile Phone GPS for Fitness and Outdoor Recreation by Trimble
Product review and field test of Trimble Outdoors suite of three GPS-driven mobile phone applications, including AllSport GPS, GeocacheNavigator, and Trimble Outdoors.

iPod Touch GPS: Using the Touch for Navigation and Maps
The latest version of Apple's iPod Touch doesn't come with a built-in GPS chip, but you can get GPS to work on a Touch, and do other mapping and navigation tasks. More on iPod Touch GPS.

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