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GPS Mobile Devices: Your Best Mobile GPS Options

Everything you need to know about GPS mobile options - reviews, ratings and more


MotionX GPS Mobile

MotionX GPS Drive is an example of GPS mobile options that help you make the most of your smartphone.


GPS technology was once limited to a few types of devices, but GPS mobile is becoming standard on millions of smartphones, handheld devices, watches and more. What's the right technology for you, and how can you get the best GPS functionality for your dollar? Read on for your best GPS mobile options.

Virtually every phone made today includes a GPS chip. Smartphones, with their capacitive touchscreens make the best of location technology, however, with thousands of apps that help you navigate as you drive, or track your workouts or hikes. Leading the smartphone pack for GPS mobile functionality are the Apple iPhone, Android operating system phones, and BlackBerry phones.

Your GPS mobile smartphone options:
-Read the latest GPS smartphone reviews.
-Mount your smartphone in your car for GPS navigation and charge it at the same time.
-Compare iPhone GPS turn-by-turn navigation apps.

Car GPS still packs plenty of GPS mobile punch:
-Read the latest car GPS reviews and ratings.
-Check out new car GPS models, such as the TomTom XL 350 with free product lifetime map and traffic service updates.

Handheld GPS mobile devices help you navigate the back-country:
Waterproof, durable, and with long-lasting batteries, handheld GPS devices are reliable back-country companions. Try them for hiking, mountain biking, or the outdoor adventure game of geocaching.
-Check out the latest handheld GPS receiver reviews.
-Economical, do-it-all handheld GPS devices such as the Garmin Dakota 20 keep you on course anywhere in the world.

Get in shape with sports & fitness GPS mobile devices:
GPS sports & fitness watches can help you get the most out of your training and fitness time, and keep you on pace during a race. GPS watches don't require any supplemental wires or in-shoe sensors. You can use a GPS watch on a bike, during a run or hike, or for just about any outdoor activity.
-See the latest GPS mobile sports & fitness watch reviews.

GPS mobile - free stuff:
Location services are increasingly being offered for free, and you can read more about how to get free turn-by-turn navigation, map updates, GPS golf course databases, and more.

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