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Adidas miCoach - a Well-done (and free) App and Companion Site

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Adidas miCoach app review

Adidas miCoach GPS fitness and training iPhone app.


The Bottom Line

Adidas miCoach is a free GPS iPhone app that provides time, distance, and training log features, plus audible coaching prompts. It is paired with a well-done Adidas miCoach website, which lets you store, analyze, display, and share your workouts, races, etc. The miCoach app works for running, walking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.


  • Free app and use of companion website for storing and analyzing workouts.
  • Full-featured, nicely designed app and site.


  • Can't hear audible coaching prompts when riding a bike.


  • Syncs to mCoach.com to store and analyze workouts and events.
  • Time, distance, pace, calorie burn, elevation change totals.
  • Customizable audible prompts.
  • Includes interface for accessing iTunes library.
  • Share your routes and events via Google Maps, Facebook.

Guide Review - Adidas miCoach - a Well-done (and free) App and Companion Site

Unlike Nike, which seems to have an odd aversion to GPS, Adidas has embraced the technology with its new, free miCoach iPhone app and miCoach.com companion website. If you're looking for a way to effortlessly track, store an analyze your workouts via the iPhone, this is a great way to go.

Despite the fact that the app and services are free, Adidas goes easy on the marketing, and isn't trying to actively sell you anything as you use the app and site. The app does, however, have a way for you to keep track of which shoes you're wearing and how many miles you have on them.

I found it easy to download and install the app and to set up my account at miCoach.com. Both the app and the site have clean, easy-to-use designs and are very professionally done, as I guess we should expect from a company like Adidas.

I used miCoach for bicycling workouts, and it accurately tracked time, distance, pace, and ascent, as checked against a known-accurate GPS device. There's no way for the iPhone app to track heart rate (yet) but Adidas sells other hardware that can track heart rate and other parameters without the need for the iPhone or the miCoach app.

Audible coaching cues are highly customizable, and the default settings read off your mile times, total distance, pace, and total calorie burn. I usually wasn't able to hear the audible coaching prompts while cycling, due to wind noise, but the prompts are easily heard while running.

It's easy to upload your workout to miCoach.com (sync with one button in the app). Once uploaded, you can view a map of your workout track, review splits, and speed and elevation change graphs. The site also helps you devise training plans, and includes a user forum.

Overall, the Adidas miCoach app and companion website are well-done training aids, especially at the price of free.

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