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Garmin Introduces New Oregon Line of Handheld GPS Receivers


Garmin Oregon 400t handheld GPS

Garmin Oregon 400t handheld GPS

Photo © Garmin

Now posted: full field test and review of the Garmin Oregon 400t and the Oregon line.

Garmin has introduced a new "Oregon" line of mapping handheld GPS receivers for outdoorspeople. The all-new, five-model Oregon line features high-resolution color touchscreens (unusual for handhelds, which are usually operated by buttons and/or dials), a waterproof rating, topo maps with 3D elevation perspective, and customizable usage profiles. It all fits into a brand-new compact profile for Garmin that is mostly screen.

Three "400" series Oregons top the new line. The $639 Oregon 400T features pre-loaded topo maps, 3D map view, barometric altimeter (supplements GPS altitude calculations for better accuracy). It lets you exchange tracks, waypoints, routes, and geocaches wirelessly between similar units. Plug new maps and marine charts into its SD card slot.

The $639 400i is similar to the 400t, but designed for freshwater use, and comes with a US inland lakes detail mapset, rather than land topo maps. Map detail includes depth contours, boat ramps, and mile markers for thousands of lakes. The $639 400c is for saltwater use, include charts of coastal US and the Bahamas.

The $533 Oregon 300 is similar to the 400s, but does not come with any preloaded detail maps, just a basemap. The $479 Oregon 200 does not come with preloaded detail maps, and lacks the barometric altimeter, electronic compass, and ability to do wireless unit-to-unit data transfers. It does, however, have the same size and quality color touchscreen.

All of the Oregons let you shortcut to five customized profiles, including automotive, marine, recreation, fitness, or geocaching.

It's a terrific looking new line, and I'll be posting reviews of the new Oregon models here.

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