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Get Back in Shape With GPS for Fitness and Training

GPS Devices Serve as Your Coach, Training Partner, and Workout Log


Garmin Forerunner 210

Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS sports & fitness watch.


There are more options than ever for using GPS devices to enhance your exercise program, whether you are a hard-core athlete, casual walker, or anywhere in between.

GPS devices dedicated to training and fitness, such as Garmin's Edge 800 for cycling, or Forerunner 210 for runners are built for rugged outdoor conditions (yes, they're waterproof) and have dozens of features.

If you already own a GPS-enabled smartphone, or are thinking about getting one, you can choose from a wide range of training and fitness apps that do everything from counting calories, to logging your workouts on a map, to storing all of your time and distance stats.

In cycling, a GPS unit can replace a conventional cycle computer, and add another layer of features, such as route mapping, and trip, heart rate, and cadence data that is uploadable to a computerized training log or to a Web site. Another plus, a GPS cycling unit needs no wires, and is easily used with more than one bike.

Runners, who traditionally have not had the benefit of capturing a lot of run data, may now use GPS devices to view and store a wealth of information and upload it to a computer or Web site. Some models capture multi-sport data, a boon for triathletes.

Sports and Fitness GPS features often include:

  • Stopwatch / splits
  • Time and distance with alerts
  • Speed / max speed / average speed
  • Heart rate and heart rate logging / upload
  • Pedaling cadence
  • Virtual partner
  • Interval workout
  • Altimeter and course profile upload
  • Route map and map upload
  • Multi-sport workout
  • Navigation

Take a look at what's on the GPS training and fitness market:

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