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Course Databases and Listings for Golf GPS Devices

Your Resource for Finding and Comparing Course Databases for Golf GPS


Golf GPS

Course databases power golf GPS devices, and help you determine distances to the hole, targets, and hazards from anywhere on the course.

Fred Zahradnik

If you're interested in buying a golf GPS device, the size, quality, and cost of its matching golf course database is just as important as the hardware. I've compiled this summary of golf GPS course databases to make it easy to find and compare the the latest offerings from the top manufacturers.

Golf GPS databases started out as costly additions to your purchase, but competitive pressure has caused course database pricing to decline or better yet, become free. I include pricing with listings, but click through to the database to get the latest information directly from the manufacturer.

Golf GPS Course Databases/Listings

Garmin Approach G5 Course Database
Free. Serves both the Garmin Approach G5 and the G3. Covers U.S., Canada, and soon, Europe.

Course access plans range from $30 to $60 per year. Includes 26,000 courses.

Callaway uPro
Callaway "BasicMode" course information is free, and "ProMode" course data costs from $1.20 to $8.00 per course, depending on quantity ordered. The Callaway ProMode includes video hole flyovers and other course management features.

GolfLogix offer course databases for its own-branded, dedicated golf GPS device, but it also powers apps for smartphones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry.

The iGolf course database works with all of the company's offerings, including the Bushnell line, and its iPhone app.

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