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Fun and Free GPS Stuff

GPS technology can add some fun to travel, outdoor recreation, sports, and boating. What's more, there are many free online services integrating GPS technology. Check them out here!

Garmin Edge 810: How to Use Live Tracking
How to use the Garmin Connect Live Tracking feature that is available with the Garmin Edge 810 cyclecomputer.

Garmin OpenCaching.com - Free Geocaching Resource
All about Garmin's free OpenCaching site for geocachers, from beginner to expert.

Free GPS Turn-by-turn Navigation Options
There are a number of options for getting free GPS turn-by-turn navigation. Read on for a review of free GPS services for driving and outdoor recreation.

Geocaching With Kids
It's not easy to get children outdoors, but the geocaching adventure game combines technology and the excitement of a treasure hunt to motivate kids.

How To Send Google Maps Destinations to Your Garmin In-car GPS
Google and GPS maker Garmin have partnered to make it easier to upload destination information into your in-car GPS. Follow the instructions in this article to send Google Maps destinations to your Garmin in-car GPS.

Download and Install Free Vehicle Icons From the Garmin Garage
How to download and install a variety of fun vehicle icons for Garmin GPS from the Garmin Garage.

Send Google Maps Destinations to Your TomTom In-car GPS
You can use the Google Maps "send" feature to automatically send the address and exact location of any destination to your TomTom in-car GPS receiver. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Get Started in Geocaching
Geocaching is an adventure game for GPS users. Here's how to get started.

Find and Install Fun New In-car GPS Voices
How to find and install celebrity and novelty alternate voices in your in-car GPS.

Use Google Earth to Show and Share GPS Routes and Tracks
How to use Google Earth to show tracks and routes using GPS data.

Listen to Audible Books Through Your GPS
Most GPS makers offer some models with media player and audio book player capability. Match one of these with a well-executed online audio book service such as Audible.com, and you are on your way to a satisfying book shopping, downloading, and listening experience.

Three Things You Didn't Know You Could do With Your GPS
Your car GPS can do more than just give you directions. Learn how to download and install fun and free new vehicle icons. Tired of your GPS's voice? Download and install some celebrity voices. You may also use your GPS to find the best gas prices.

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