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Best iPhone Accessories For Travelers


My top travel-tested accessories for the iPhone, including car mounts, iPhone wallets, charging cases, high-powered chargers, workout armband-cases, and more.

iPhone Tips for Travelers
GPS Spotlight10

How to Find Your Location History in Google Maps or iPhone

How to use location history to track and view your locations in Google Maps or Apple iPhone iOS.

Zepp Golf Swing App and Sensor Review

Zepp Golf review. On-the-range and course review, star-rating, and recommendation for Zepp App and motion sensor.

TomTom GO 500 Car GPS Review

Road test, star-rating and review of the TomTom GO 500 dedicated car GPS. We test-drive the GO 500 under a range of conditions.

Garmin's Viago App

Garmin's Viago GPS navigation app for iPhone and Android packs a lot of functionality and advanced features into a budget price.

GPS and Location Features of Apple's New iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

GPS and location features of Apple's new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, including HealthKit and HomeKit.

GPS Collars: How to Track Your Pets

The latest GPS collars for dogs and cats let you track your pet in real time, and set "geofence" boundary alerts. Here's how they work.

All About GPS Collars for Tracking Your Pets

GPS dog collars were once a specialty item for hunters. But in the past few years, consumer-friendly versions of GPS collars have been introduced, ranging in

Calculate Bike Gearing With an App

With a profusion of new gearing options, including compact cranksets, single-speeds, and new thinking in mountain bike gearing, bicycle gear calculation is

Surf Report App

Beach season is here, and if surfing is your sport, you may want to try an iPhone app to help you track conditions. Oakley, maker of great sport shades, offers

Samsung Reveals Its Simband Health & Fitness Wristband

Everyone is getting into the wearable fitness device market, and in San Francisco today Samsung revealed its latest entrant (no release date yet) called the

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