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How To Send Google Maps Destinations to Your Garmin In-car GPS


Google Maps to Garmin GPS

Sample of Google "send to GPS" box.

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Google and GPS maker Garmin have partnered to make it easier to upload destination information into your in-car GPS. By following the instructions in this how-to, you can simply click on "send" in Google Maps to upload destination addresses and locations into your Garmin in-car GPS. This feature is useful for quickly uploading a cluster of destinations you'll need as part of a vacation or business trip. With all of your destinations pre-loaded as favorites, you can focus on the purpose of your trip, rather than how to get to your next destination.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 3 minutes.

Here's How:

  1. Connect your Garmin in-car GPS to your PC via its included USB cable.
  2. You are ready to search for and upload a destination into your GPS. Open your Web browser and go to Google Maps.
  3. Type a destination into the "Search Maps" box in Google Maps. Google Maps has powerful search features, a good reason for using it in concert with your GPS.
  4. When you have identified the destination you sought, click on the "send" link (with the envelope icon) in the upper right of the destination map window.
  5. A dialog box will appear with the options to send to "e-mail," "car," or "GPS." Choose Garmin GPS. This selection will automatically open a new browser window and start a special "locate" page on the Garmin Web site. This page will show a map thumbnail and your destination address.
  6. If the Garmin page successfully located your GPS, it will show a "Send to GPS" button. If it did not locate your GPS, try the "Scan for GPS" button. Click on "Send to GPS," and your destination is now available as a favorite on your Garmin GPS.


  1. Send to Garmin GPS works in MapQuest, too. Look for the "send" button in the upper left and follow instructions per above.
  2. Not all addresses have "send to GPS" data associated with them. This feature works most consistently with business and public place addresses.

What You Need

  • Garmin GPS connected to your PC via included USB cable.
  • Internet connection.
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