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How To Get Latitude and Longitude Coordinates from Google Maps


Google Maps Coordinates

How to get location coordinates from Google Maps


2014 update: You are most likely using the newest version of Google Maps. If so, all you need to do to obtain precise GPS coordinates is left click on any location on the map (or satellite view) that is not a red pin. The GPS coordinates will appear in the rectangular info box that appears in the upper left of the map screen. For example: 41.829496, -71.807488. This translates to 41°49'46.2"N 71°48'27.0"W. For more on GPS coordinates, how to read them, and what they mean, see my piece on coordinates.

Previous version of Google Maps (Classic): Google has made it easier to get coordinates from Google Maps. In Google Maps, simply right-click on your selected spot on the map, to call up a menu. Select "What's here" from the menu, and a green arrow will appear on the map on your spot. Click on the green arrow to see the numeric latitude and longitude for the location. You may easily copy and paste these coordinates.


Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Method one involves the use of a simple snippet of code in your browser's address bar. Go to Google Maps.

  2. Find the location for which you would like to obtain coordinates in Google Maps.
  3. Right click on your chosen location, and select "center map here."
  4. Clear the browser's address bar (not the Google Maps search bar), then copy and paste the snippet of javascript code below into the address bar, and hit "enter."


  5. This will activate a small pop-up window that will show the coordinates for the centered location in decimal format. You may copy and paste these coordinates wherever needed.
  6. Method two uses Google Maps' "send to GPS" feature. By the way, if you are trying to export coordinates from Google Maps into a GPS device, see my separate how-to on that topic.

  7. Click on "send" in the upper right of Google Maps, or "send" from the info pop-up box on your chosen location.
  8. Select "e-mail" as the method of sending the location.
  9. The latitude and longitude coordinates will appear in the e-mail send window just after the location's address, and may be copied and pasted wherever needed.
  10. There are other ways of extracting coordinates from Google Maps, but these are the two best methods that don't require add-ons.


  1. The FCC offers a good site for converting the various latitude and longitude formats (decimal and minutes/seconds).

What You Need:

  • Google Maps
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